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Fortman | Newborn Session

Fortman | Newborn Session

Columbus, OH

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you ready for some squishy baby cheeks and a dog who is proud to be a big brother? If not, prepare yourself, it’s about to get adorable here. As many of you know I am a wedding photographer, but I also love photographing families, especially when a new little one arrives. There is nothing like a new squishy baby. The flaky skin, the tiny toes, not to mention their sweet little lips. Talk about serious baby fever! Well a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the Fortmans and their adorable new baby girl. This family was just so sweet. Not too mention their dog Mylo who wanted to be in all of the action and show off his big brother skills. I had such a great time spending the afternoon with this family. Welcome home little Isla!


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