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Excellence Riviera Cancun

Excellence Riviera Cancun

A travel blog post

So since today in Ohio it’s rainy and cold, I thought I would cheer myself up by blogging about our latest vacation adventure. Get ready to wish for a beach, the sound of the ocean, and a nice cold Coco Loco.

Since our honeymoon my husband and I have been going to the Excellence Resorts every year. We LOVE Excellence Resorts. It is adults only, all inclusive, piece of heaven here on earth. Not even kidding. Every year we are always impressed with their service, the food, not to mention the scenery. So far we have been to Playa Mujeres, Punta Cana (Which you can read about on my blog here), so in September we traveled to Riviera Cancun. Instead of it just being the two of us we got to go with our close friends, Brandon and Amy. We decided to book through a travel agent and had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Jackson Johnson Travel Agency. If you are looking for someone to help you contact this girl. She’s so helpful, found us the best price, and was amazing with communication.

We were a little worried going to this location because we had been to the other two so our expectations were pretty high. Our favorite so far had been Playa Mujeres so we were hoping for something just as great. And guess what, this place was just as amazing, if not better. Oh how I want to shoot a wedding here! We were met at our car with a nice cold washcloth and a cold bottle of water. They took our bags and we were off to check in. They got us checked in super fast and held our luggage while we waited for our room to be ready. During that time we decided to scope out the resort and get some lunch. The guys favorite place to eat breakfast and lunch while we were there was definitely Toscana since it was the buffet. 😉 They had everything you could possibly want to eat for breakfast and lunch. They had different stations as well for custom omelets, pasta, even a grill with every kind of meat and fish you could imagine. They notified us that our room was ready so we picked up our room key and someone brought our luggage to us. Amazing right?

Our room was right by the spa and lazy river so it was very quiet. We opened the door and saw our gorgeous room with a balcony over looking the lazy river. Perfection. They always keep the rooms looking so nice while you are there. They even turn your bed down at night while you are out to dinner. Talk about being spoiled.

We hung out quite a bit at the lazy river during our stay. They had these comfy beds or chairs that you could lay on, then grab a mat and float around the river for a while. Have I mentioned yet they also had a smoothie stand where you could have any fresh fruit or veggie smoothie you wanted? So refreshing! They also have people going around during the day asking you if you want anything to drink or eat. You pretty much could just lay like a sloth all day and not worry about a thing.

The amount of different restaurants they have is so great. All you had to do was decide what you were in the mood for. French, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Tapas, Steak, Lobster. Whatever you wanted, they had it. One of the nice things about this resort is they had a coffee shop as well. This was my favorite! They had all kinds of mochas and lattes, not to mention yummy pastries!

We even decided to go off the resort a couple times this trip. We had the opportunity to go snorkeling one morning. I had never done that before so that was quite the experience. There was someone right down on the beach who offered snorkeling trips so we signed up and were out in the water in no time. I definitely had a panic moment trying to breathe through the gear but I finally got the hang of it. haha We also took a to taxi and spent the afternoon in Playa Del Carmen. They had a great shopping mall we walked through, not to mention a Haagen Dazs shop. Hurray for ice cream! The mall was all open as well so there were all kinds of greenery on the inside.

This trip was definitely super relaxing and much needed. It was great getting to go with our good friends as well. I am certainly ready to go back already. I am a traveling photographer so if you or anyone you know is getting married in Mexico I would love to chat about the special day! Hint hint wink wink. To learn more about my destination photography click here!

Until next time Riviera Cancun.

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