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New York, New York

New York, New York


One of my favorite things to do is travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s to another country or another state. It’s so fun seeing what all is out there and getting a change of scenery. One of my latest travel adventures was to New York with my mom, sister and Nannie. Let me tell you guys, I LOVE New York! There is so much to do there. From Times Square, to Central Park, to Brooklyn, to Rockefeller Center, your options are endless.

In May we got to stay in THE Waldorf Astoria, yes, THE WALDORF! AH! That place was simply magical. They had beautiful chandeliers everywhere, including the bathroom. Our suite was perfect! It even had a view of the streets and a beautiful church that had been there since the early 1900’s. We had such a fun time exploring New York and getting to do things we hadn’t done before.

Of course we had to stop and get Magnolia Bakery first thing. This place is such a cute store and they have amazing goodies. My personal favorite was their red velvet cheesecake. My mom and Nannie however are obsessed with their banana pudding. This stuff is legendary guys. We got to explore some of Rockefeller Center before going to Top of the Rock at Sunset. They had these cute little fountains surrounded by beautiful flowers. Obviously my photographer senses were tingling. Thankfully my sister is model status and I can use her in front of the camera instead of approaching a stranger like a creeper. HA! We also found one of our new favorite stores, Rain Africa. This store was so relaxing and smelled amazing. They make handmade bath and body products using natural ingredients. Not going to lie, we probably went there 3-4 times within the few days of our visit. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. Top of the Rock was simply breathtaking at sunset. It’s amazing because in every direction you have a great view. We also spent one of our days visiting Brooklyn. We got to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and then gotto enjoy some yummy ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. This ice cream is so good! The employees aren’t skimpy with it either. 😉 One of my favorite days though was when we went to Central Park. We got to see where they do the model boat sailing, Alice in Wonderland statue, even Belvedere Castle. It’s amazing to think that the park is 843 acres! After that we had to go see the Kate Spade Store off of Madison Ave. This place was like a dream. This place had 4 stories, yes I said 4! Definitely didn’t help my Kate Spade addiction. Then it was off to Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate. Guys, this thing is as big as your head! Pure deliciousness.

We did so much more while we were there, wish I could tell you every detail but that would keep you here for a very long time. haha Here are some photos from our trip. Enjoy!

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